Damian O’Hare: “The Brøken” – trailer and first pictures

The official website of “The Broken” is now online, and so is the trailer. For whatever reasons, the website is in Japanese, though, but don’t worry. The trailer starts automatically if you click on the link below, so there’s no need to get the babelfish out of its pond.


Damian’s voice is the first thing you hear and you can see him right at the beginning of the trailer. That might be all we get to see of him in the first place. Once the DVD is out for rent and somebody tells us, we’ll know if it was “blink and you missed him.” At least his character is still alive at that point of the movie…

Damian O’Hare and Lena Headley in “The Brøken”

Now let’s all, for one moment, think fondly of the “movie expert” who complained about that “terrible accent that doesn’t sound European.” Who knows, maybe he’s realised by now that Europe is not a country and France not the capital of Amsterdam.

2 Responses to “Damian O’Hare: “The Brøken” – trailer and first pictures”

  1. It looks good! Though why anyone wants to be scared out of their wits, I don’t know.

    LOL! Not European? I wonder what it does sound like to him? Isn’t it funny how they always seem to complain when he’s using his real accent, and never do when he’s putting one on 🙂

  2. Well, at least it would prove that they *do* have wits…! 😉

    The trailer looks fine, and based on it, I’d been interested. Unfortunately, the feedback for the movie from critics and audience alike at festivals hasn’t been overly positive, to say the least. A pity; I like good horror.

    As for the accent: seconded. Just think of “Billy the Kid”. (I can’t judge if that was done well or not, as I’m not American, but – ouch.)

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