The Royal: 7.5: “To Love and To Lose” / Kari Corbett Official Website

“The Royal” has moved from the 8pm – 9pm time slot to 7pm – 8pm. This is the last episode before the autumn-hiatus, so don’t miss it!

“Doctors with saws and the nurses who love them…”

7.5 – “To Love and To Lose”: Despite his concern that he wasn’t first choice for the partnership, Dr Burnett makes a decision about his future and decides to stay on at The Royal. The decision is much to the relief of Ormerod, Weatherill and the fans. Furthermore, there’s trouble at the ice-cream parlor, romance for Lizzy, but, alas, no romance for Frankie until further notice. Poor bloke. Moral dilemma of the week: Sister Brigid’s sister considers having an abortion.

For a full preview, check out this link.

“The Royal” on ITV1, on Sundays from 7pm – 8pm.

* * *

Kari Corbett

Scotty mailed us about

a) Damian O’Hare being ok, sort of (thanks…),
b) the Enterpise NCC-1701 having a peanut stuck in her warp drive,
b) Kari Corbett aka cute!Nurse McKaig looking great (agreed),
c) her having an official website and
d) the question if we could tell the world that she does have a website?

‘course we could. Not much to see on said website yet, but there’s a lovely picture.

Official Kari Corbett Website

There you go.

2 Responses to “The Royal: 7.5: “To Love and To Lose” / Kari Corbett Official Website”

  1. I look at every day the royal. My favorite actor and actresses are mariana, nick, jill, gordon, lizzi and alun.i speak finnish

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