The Royal: 7.4: “Slings and Arrows” / Another Interview of Sorts

A reminder: “The Royal” has moved from the 8pm – 9pm time slot to 7pm – 8pm.

7.4 – “Slings and Arrows”: Eric Fogle is appointed as new head porter, putting Alun’s nose out of joint. The hospital receives a letter of resignation from Dr Banner in Australia and has to appoint a partner to the practice – Weatherill believes she knows just the person, but Dr Ormerod favours Dr Burnett. [So do we. That aside, the Hulk is busy.] Elsewhere, when Lucy Baylis is involved in a horse-riding accident an X-ray reveals a more long-term problem.

“The Royal” on ITV1, on Sundays from 7pm – 8pm.

* * *

The website St. Aidan’s Royal Free Hospital has a video of the

Season 7 Feature on “This Morning”, 19 June, 2008

available. There are some interviews with the casts and “behind the scenes” snaps; 5 minutes into the feature there’s a short interview with Damian O’Hare and Kari Corbett (cute!nurse McKaig).

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