The Royal: Season 7 featuring Damian O’Hare to start this Sunday

ITV’s hospital period drama series “The Royal” will start into its 7th season this Sunday, 8 – 9pm. Unfortunately, that just happens to be when Italy and Spain will battle over the ticket into the half finals of the EURO2008. Maybe that’s why new doctor Nick Burnett looks so worried? We wouldn’t be surprised at all if ITV should change the program in favour of football at the very last second.

Some bits and pieces about the upcoming start of season seven have been in the media:

The Radio Times – Allison Graham

The Daily Record

Manchester Evening News – Ian Wylie

What’s On TV

And even The Royal’s Official Website has been updated. A miracle! Sort of. Still the old cast, still the old interviews, but at least there are now new video previews available (but only for those living in the UK, as usual…)

And if all should fail and none of this tickles your fancy, you still have the option to get yourself tickets for The Revenger’s Tragedy at the Royal Exchange in Manchester. The play runs till 28 June, and while we can’t tell you if you’ll like it or not, we can guarantee you’ll have something to talk about…!

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