The Royal: finally some news

According to the official website of


you can expect the new episodes to be aired from June 2008 on. A preview on the first episode and a short synopsis is available


We’ve been told Damian O’Hare was mentioned, but he’s not. Or is he? Considering the nature of drama, our money is on “(…) a rather spiky male passenger, with a hangover. He doesn’t like chatting.”

More news to follow as it comes. – “Royal Damian once a faker”
(seriously, The Sun couldn’t have come up with a better title…)

“(…) “My dad’s a doctor at the Belfast hospital The Royal,” [Damian] tells me.

“He’s helpful with advice for scenes now, but it wasn’t useful as a kid trying to bunk off school as he always knew when I was faking illness!” (…)”

More news as it becomes available.

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